High School

Prepared for the Future

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At ThornCreek Christian School, high school students continue to grow with the support of a staff that cares about them as individuals. Students grow academically in areas such as science, history, english, math, Bible, foreign language, and a variety of electives.

As juniors and seniors, students also have the opportunity to take classes from Front Range Community College that are taught here on our campus and earn real transferable college credit.

Students are able to develop relationships with their peers and participate in a number of extracurricular activities. Through each of these areas students are challenged to be their best, to give their best and to honor God in everything.

Students are challenged academically, socially and spiritually in the classroom, on the playing field and in all extracurricular activities. Students and staff all seek to fulfill His will for our lives and to develop our talents to serve Him.

Our high school students are able to develop relationships with their teachers that help to foster an atmosphere of support. This allows students to seek extra help from teachers not only in their academic studies, but also personally.

The teachers are able to partner with parents and other staff to help meet the needs of the students and their families. Every teacher at ThornCreek Christian School is concerned with the spiritual and emotional well-being of the students and spends time in prayer for each student. It is not uncommon for students to seek teachers’ guidance in many different areas. These relationships often continue after graduation. Don’t be surprised if you see some alumni hanging out with teachers as they return during a college break, or come through the area.

College Credit & More

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College Classes on Campus

We have developed a relationship with Front Range Community College and offer different college courses here on our campus. These classes are the same exact classes that would be offered on their campus, and students receive both high school and college credit for completing and passing the class.

These classes are not taught from a Christian perspective or even by a Christian teacher, but students are exposed to college level topics while being in a "safe" environment as they learn. It is exciting to have these students come back to the high school staff and discuss what they have just learned "in college".


As high school students they can choose from elective and fine art classes like choir, yearbook, art, Life Skills, and leadership. These classes help them develop different life and leadership skills for a more well-rounded view of life.

They also participate in high school activities, student council, and a variety of sports. These provide social opportunities, leadership development, skill development, and help students build interpersonal relationships that are God honoring.

At ThornCreek Christian School, students have opportunities to build relationships with other students sharing a variety of interests. The lines that exist between so many high school students are broken down because students are involved in so many different activities together.