Financial Aid

Payment Plans

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Registration Fee

Registration fee and test fee for new students must be paid at time of registration.

Registration fees are not refundable if the student is accepted by the school.  


Tuition must be paid by one of these plans:
    1. Pay the entire family bill by the end of the second week of attendance.
        a. If the payment is with cash, check, or bank draft, then 4% discount.
        b. If the payment is by credit card, then 2% discount
    2. Pay the entire bill through the FACTS Management Program.
        You may elect to make your payment on various days of the month
        and have it automatically applied to your credit card or withdrawn
        from your bank account. Payments should be set up so your
        account is paid in full by the end of May (unless otherwise approved
        by the ThornCreek Christian School Board). Instructions will be provided. There is no
        discount or surcharge for this option.

Preschool drop-in fees must be paid on a weekly basis.

Once a student has started a quarter, payment for the full quarter (one fourth of published rates) is due. The starting and ending date of the quarter will be based upon the published school calendar for the year. If a student withdraws during the quarter, any amount paid for future quarters will be refunded.  

Please contact our Finance Office (303) 452-7514 or email at if you have any questions.

Financial Aid

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We keep tuition low in order to make it possible for families to afford a Christian education. However, our ability to provide financial aid is limited. If you need financial aid please complete the required applications and we will do our best to provide assistance.

Applying for Financial Aid

Please complete a Financial Aid For School Tuition (FAST) application. This application is available online and can be filled out by clicking here.
FAST is a "qualifying organization," not a funding organization. FAST will report to the school if you qualify for funding and at what percent. It is important to realize that the school cannot guarantee to provide financial aid for your child at the level that FAST reports that you need. Our financial aid is limited to the amount available in our general scholarship fund.

There is a non-refundable one time charge of $43 per family applying, paid by Visa or MasterCard or American Express.

You will be notified by the school if you have been awarded financial aid. These funds will be applied in total to your child's account.