Foundations of Learning

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At ThornCreek Christian School, we understand that learning practices and habits must be fostered at the very beginning of a student's educational career.

We encourage creative and critical thinking through limited classroom sizes, experienced and nurturing teaching staff, hands-on activities, and Biblically infused lessons.

Each day we have daily pledges, prayer, and Bible lessons. Chapel services are held twice a month with songs and special speakers. Academic instruction includes: reading, math, english, spelling, handwriting, heritage studies, and science.

Students are also encouraged to participate in activities like, Speech Meet, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Celebration Singers, and more.

Technology and Arts

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Elementary students are introduced to computer hardware and software terms. Keyboarding will be practiced each class period. Microsoft Word projects will be taught.


All elementary students are required to take music once a week for 30 minutes.

Learning to listen to work together, to sing as a team, and to lift their voices in worship are the skills they learn in class. Each class also uses instruments as they learn rhythm and timing.

Celebration Singers

This group of 3rd to 5th grade students volunteer to perform musical skits at 2 performances--Christmas and Spring.

Students who volunteer to be part of this group meet every Wednesday during school to learn their special music, choreography, and a simple skit that teaches godly living.