Educational Philosophy

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ThornCreek Christian School exists for the purpose of assisting parents in their God given responsibility to train their children, and, as a result, lead them into a deeper relationship with Christ. In educating students, we seek to prepare them for meaningful Christian lives as we present a biblical world view, and to help them develop their full potential spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

As educators, we seek to help each student interpret not only their academic subjects but also all of life through the grid of the Bible, God’s Word. This approach will help prepare them for the realities that will face them outside of the classroom. We will endeavor to create a positive, God-honoring learning environment that will help motivate the students toward learning and academics. Our goal for our students is to help them become mature in Christ, equipping them “for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17). Of course, the starting place for this growth is ensuring each student has an understanding of his/her need of salvation through the completed work of Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, His burial, His bodily resurrection, and His appearances.

The basic premise of education from a biblical perspective is that the Word of God is absolute Truth. All truth is rooted in the nature and character of God. As ultimate reality, God has set standards by which value judgments, disciplinary decisions, and relational developments are to be made. Based on this foundation, Christ and the Bible must be central to every subject and activity. The biblical viewpoint must permeate the entire school program including curriculum, physical education, business, and all interschool relationships.

As a result, we must approach science as God’s handiwork, mathematics as God’s orderliness, history as God’s dealings with the nations of the world, language arts as God’s desire for man to communicate, music and art as God’s beauty and tools for worship, physical education and health as our responsibility in caring for God’s temple, and people as created beings God desires us to love.

A consistent demonstration of patient love is at the foundation of all methods of teaching. ThornCreek Christian School sees the instructor as a role model for students. In the school’s daily function, we do not desire to develop a highly militant environment, but rather a semiformal atmosphere that is pleasant and joyful. Our goal is to approach discipline from a fair, loving, yet firm perspective.

Because of our desire to assist parents, we will strive to develop strong communication between the home and the school, seeking to include parents in the educational process; we also commit to do our very best in all facets of learning. Since this is true, parents who do not desire to take learning seriously nor wish to instill in their children a Christian perspective of life need not apply for admission. As educators, we are dedicated to helping you fulfill the biblical mandate to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). We see the potential for conflict if parents do not enroll their children for these reasons.

ThornCreek Christian School seeks to deal with students as individuals learning at their own individual level within the context of a graded curriculum. As educators, we must reach out to help each student where he/she is intellectually, as well as spiritually, physically, and socially. Meeting the needs of individual students is a difficult task. Teachers at ThornCreek Christian School strive, within their limitations, to meet the needs of students who are capable of functioning in a mainstream class setting.

We have made a personal commitment to help the individual learner. However, we must understand our professional limitations, and at some juncture in the educational process, we understand that it may be best to seek more specialized programs in order to further aid the individual. A child who can be motivated and challenged to learn within a creative environment seems to have less behavioral problems and can be more of a responsible member of society. Thus, ThornCreek Christian School strives to present its academic material in a way that will lend itself toward an enjoyable school endeavor.

As a result of such convictions, ThornCreek Christian School has developed, and will continue to develop, a creative approach to learning that presents its students with an exciting educational environment. A program seeking to integrate “hands-on” activities has been implemented to accompany the routine learning processes of the school day. It is also our belief that the learning experience must go beyond the simpler, lower learning levels. Although drill and memorization cannot be overlooked, we must delve into the higher aspects, such as concept understanding, critical thinking, and practical application. A variety of methods are utilized at each grade level to achieve this objective. Certain grades may experience a wider variety than others.

In order to see the correlation between academics and real life, students must comprehend why the materials are taught, as well as understand the material itself. Essential to a thorough learning process is the ever present need for practical integration, not for some future date of reference, but for today! A balance between drill and fact memorization, skill development and mastery, comprehension and application is continually sought at ThornCreek Christian School.

The overall educational objective of ThornCreek Christian School is to provide an atmosphere that seeks for each student to reach a change in thinking and behavior, not only for his/her educational development and love for learning, but more importantly for his/her Christian maturity exhibited through daily actions and habits. These are the elements that create an exciting learning experience. Student cooperation, especially in the upper grades, is crucial if these goals are to be successful, and those who do not cooperate will find their experience at ThornCreek Christian School to be less than expected. It is important for each student and family to understand the unmistakable role the Bible plays in all academic and co-curricular areas of the school. It is because of such a conviction regarding God’s Word that many of our rules, regulations, and procedures exist.